‘In the office’

I work as a content marketing specialist and freelance writer. I studied journalism at St. Cloud State University because I truly enjoy storytelling. (Who doesn’t love a good story?)

I’ve worked and volunteered in different fields, including conservation, tech and software, financial, and independent media. What I’ve enjoyed the most is working with others to uncover what’s going to make a positive impact and finding the best way to communicate that to others.

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‘Outside of the office’

Alec Kasper-Olson is on the summit of Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, USA.
Deer Mountain, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA, in 2017

Outside of the office, you’ll likely find me hiking, camping or backpacking, visiting a local state park, or planning my next trip. I also like to try my luck at other stuff, like rock climbing and whittling. Perhaps needless to say, I have many hobbies.

I also like to take on side projects and volunteer. I started volunteering with the Friends of Bass Lake in 2016 to get rid of invasive species from the nature preserve and the Sierra Club’s ICO (North Star Chapter) program in 2017 to connect young adults to the outdoors. Volunteering with these organizations is a way for me to pass on my knowledge and passion for the outdoors to others.

I talk a lot about what I do outside of the office on my blog.

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