I’m getting married!


We had this planned for months.

The weekend after my birthday, Ashley and I were going to the North Shore to do some sightseeing and camping.

On June 23, we woke up real early, finished packing the car, stopped for McDonalds breakfast and shot straight up to Lake Superior. And, we made excellent time.

Along the way up County Road 61, we pulled into Split Rock Lighthouse State Park to see the iconic building and learn about its history.

At least, that’s what Ashley thought.

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park on the North Shore in Minnesota, USA.

Walking in, we veered left, away from the lighthouse to hike along the bluffs. We stopped after a short time to look out at the great lake and the tall bluffs that formed caves along the rocky shore.

Ashley said, “It’s beautiful,” as she clinged to the chain link fence, facing away from me.

I got down on one knee as she scanned the shoreline. She turned around. Nervously, I made a brief speech and stretched out my shaky hand with the ring. She accepted it (thankfully).

Ashley's ring from Knox Jewelers in Minneapolis, Minn.
Ashley’s ring from Knox Jewelers in Minneapolis, Minn. 

We spent the rest of the day driving north, pulling off to gaze out at the water, the forest and the rugged shoreline.

We ended our night at Cascade River State Park, where we sat for a while and watched the waves.

It was one of the best days I’ve ever had in my entire life.