Local Boarders Claim Prizes at ‘Campus Cruz’

Boarders were invited to stop by the shop for a barbecue behind the shop, and then just around 3 p.m. the Cruz, a campus-wide scavenger hunt, began with maps being handed out so boarders could take off.

After filling up on hot dogs, chips and water, boarders didn’t stick around long. Co-owner Mike Pettit helped hand out the maps that led to a variety of hidden prizes. After grabbing the map, one by one, boarders sped out of the parking lot and took to the streets of St. Cloud.

Youth Shelter Supply employee Lane Kloskowski spent roughly an hour hiding the prizes around campus.

“I hid them pretty good,” said Kloskowski, who is also a business major at SCSU.

Kloskowski went from the north side of campus to the south side, taping up gift cards that had the name of the prize on them. Ranging from hats and accessories, and skateboard decks, participants had their shot at 25 prizes. Prizes were limited to one per person to make it “fair,” he said.

“I think it’s just good to get kids out and skating,” he said. “We do a lot of contests at the plaza, but this is more like cruising, something a little different.”

“Mainly, we don’t get quite as many kids from campus to come, and we want to get more people from the longboard scene involved,” he said.

After only 20 minutes, the first boarders returned to the shop to claim their prize. Then, again, at the 30-minute mark more boarders swung through. Some came through with their gift cards ready. Kloskowski exchanged the gift cards for the prizes, pulling out a variety of hats, accessories, and skate decks. The scavenger
hunt wrapped up after an hour.

Despite coming back empty-handed, Aidan Nyblom, 19, said “it was a beautiful day, and it was nice to just cruise around campus.”

Weaving around campus, Nyblom said he likes that SCSU allows for the event to go on. “St. Cloud has as thriving skate community,” he said.

“It’s a good way to get people skateboarding,” he said.

Once all the boarders came through, either with cards or without, some of the group stuck around in the back parking lot of the shop to skate and continue the barbecue.

Being the Youth Shelter Supply’s third “Campus Cruz,” Pettit said that they plan to continue the event every fall and spring, and hope “for good weather [again] next time.”


This article originally appeared in the University Chronicle on May 2, 2015